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An Overview of Types of Locks from an Oundle Locksmith

Keeping their home and possessions secure is a major concern for many people. Whether you live in a house or a flat, it's important to take measures to secure your home from intruders. One of the best and most reliable ways to do this is by using good quality locks on your doors and windows. Here's some information from an Oundle locksmith about the types of locks currently available.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks come in a wide range of duty ratings, from light to heavy. Be sure to consider the strength of lock you require before buying one to secure an important door, window or object. Mechanical locks are the familiar, everyday locks found everywhere. Mechanical locks generally have simple designs that use a key to activate levers, called tumblers, inside the lock. The pattern on the key is unique and works only in one specific lock. When inserted into a mechanical lock, the key creates the correct pattern in the tumblers and the lock opens. One common type of mechanical lock is the 5-lever lock. Recommended by insurance companies and police agencies, 5-lever locks provide basic but reliable security. Some mechanical locks use numeric codes rather than keys. These codes are known as "combinations." Combination locks have at least one rotating dial with numbers on their faces. By rotating the dial(s) left and right and stopping at specific numbers in a set pattern, the lock can be opened. Combinations are usually set at the factory, but some can be changed by the user when necessary.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are more versatile than mechanical locks. These locks use a coded sequence of numbers, like mechanical locks, but can be programmed with multiple codes or combinations. Electronic locks generally use codes that are 3 to 6 digits long and can support from 50 to 100 codes. The most advanced electronic locks use passwords or pass phrases. Electronic locks generally have a keypad that accepts and validates user-entered codes. Powered by electricity or batteries, these locks often have LED indicator lights that show the status of the lock -- open or closed. If powered by batteries, some locks can operate up to 100,000 times before the batteries need to be replaced. Electronic doors usually have a provision for hand or mechanical operation if there is a power failure and some models can be operated remotely. Other electronic locks can read cards that have coded magnetic stripes and can electronically record card accesses using infrared data transfer methods. The accumulated data is stored on a computer and is easily retrieved for verification or reporting purposes.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks use fingerprint, palm, retina, iris or voice print scanning to identify authorized persons. These locks are common in scientific and military installations as well as in prisons and police stations where access must be strictly enforced.

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