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Master-Keying & Keying Alike

Master Suite: can be established as small and simple or as large and complex as the situation requires. For example.

Three different keys and a master key that will open all three.


Hundreds of different keys with different master keys that will open some and grand-master keys that will open more and great-grand-master keys that will open them all, etc

Keyed Like: as the name suggests, means that you can get rid of that big bunch of keys and have your locks all pinned up to operate with one key.

ANKERSLOT is the brand of cylinder used by Corby Locksmith for master-keying and keying alike.

ANKERSLOT was established in Holland in 1919 and provides a key system (Anker 9300) which is patented until 2015.

ANKERSLOT can provide you with a patented key on a restricted profile that cannot be copied by anyone without the approval of a registered signatory.

ANKERSLOT keys have a registration number and the name of and phone number of Corby Locksmith on them so if lost they may be returned to you.

ANKERSLOT cylinders can be re-pinned if there has been a breakdown in security and new keys can be cut to suit. Old keys will no longer work in your locks.

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